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Jez Parry 1955 - 1962

John Smale 1949-1956

Patrick Hastings 1955 -1963

John Cutler RIP

Philip Collins-yet another media mogul!

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Dick Francis 1963-1970

Chichester in the early 1950s

Des Hoare (1952-1958)

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Jim Snelgrove

The Comprehensive Revolution

Chris Parr 1952-1961

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 Abeunt Studia in Mores 

 Abeunt Studia in Mores ("From Studies Comes Character", "Character is the Issue of study" or Studies Build One's Character" ) N.B. The second was the one used at the opening ceremony of the School in 1929

(Nota Bene: Please click on thumbnail pictures to see the full-size version or a slideshow where appropriate)

November 2, 2016 

I am greatly saddened to tell you that I have just received an email from Tony Deacock's daughter-in-law to inform me that Tony passed away on Monday.

I have replied to her sending our very best wishes and telling her of the very high regard we all had for Tony and his contribution on the committee.

John Child

October 31, 2016 

Please see the News section for some more insight into the courage shewn by Jez Parry after he left School. Our thanks go to Paul Taylor, another of the Bognor Boys, for having provided the information.


October 9, 2016 

Please note the death of John Cutler on the News page.

July 19, 2016 

Please find the final printed newsletter here:

The final printed newsletter - July 2016

June 24, 2016 

I have taken the liberty of posting an account of my crossing to France in a small sailing boat and some of the things that happened to a couple of old, and now wiser 70 something, men. It is under News and titled Rubicon.

June 10, 2016

Please note that the webmaster will be away for about the next week depending on the waves and the weather as he attempts to sail a small boat across the Channel (Not related to Brexit  rest assured!)

June 6, 2016

Please read Stewart Kempsell's inside story of how our School was improved or destroyed according to your point of view:my visit to the Residence de France 

May 29, 2016
Please read about my visit to the Residence de France 

May 16, 2016
Please read about Jeff Collier's Life after School 


May 14, 2016
A new era begins for the OCs website with two pictures sent in by Dick Francis (1963-1970): 


Dear Richard


As an occasional visitor to the Old Cicestrians web site I am always struck by the lack of pictures from my era (1963-1970). I wonder if you might wish to upload the attached scanned images from my early years at Chi High.


I think they are both from 1963 or 1964 when I was in Mr Murch’s first form class (1X ??) and also a member of the famous Bug Club.


I know I have another picture of me in the football 2nd XI, but I can’t seem to find it at the moment.


I made contact with a few Old Boys from my generation via the Friends Reunited web site before it closed down and I’m always interested in keeping in touch with any OB’s from my time.


Kind regards,

Dick Francis

April 21, 2016
On Her Majesty's 90th birthday, I am pleased to post Chris Parr's exciting "Life since School" piece. Yet again we have to marvel at the number and quality of our boys who have made their careers in drama. Well done Chris; I am proud to say I was in 2A with you!

How lucky we were to have such educated, intellectual masters to form us whether it be in science, arts or, as in so many cases, drama.

April 12, 2016
I have today uploaded some excellent pictures from Jim Snelgrove at the bottom of the Sports Team Photographs in the Galleries section. Can anyone provide names for the 1963-1964 Rugby XV, please?

April 4, 2016
Just published Maurice Puttick's piece under "Where are they now".
Chris Parr has written his and this will surprise a lot of chaps! What a fascinating bunch of stories are coming in. Thank you again to all those who have responded so far. If you have not been asked, we still want to hear from you whatever your age or period at the School.

March 29, 2016
Please note the change in our School motto above.
Bruce Clark has been in touch from Australia.

Thank you 16 March, 2016
I would like to thank all the boys that have taken the trouble to write to me with their stories of "Life after School". I have a few in the pipeline, but there will never be too many.

I have enjoyed reading them and I am sure you have.


Canon Bartlett's Sermon 18 September, 1989
I have only just read this wonderful sermon by Canon Bartlett and thought it worth publishing as a stand-alone piece here on the News page and on our Facebook Wall. 

Martyn Watts (1954-1961)Sean Irwin reports that he received a note from Martyn Watts'  wife in Summer 2010 which said " I felt I should write and tell you that Martyn died suddenly from a heart attack last December "  i.e. 2009.

"Are you actually a doctor, Doctor Allen?” (HM the Queen)

If you have not read Bill Allen's wonderful piece then I recommend you should!

Tuesday 1 March, 2016
I had the pleasure of talking to John Smale today. He is fit and well and has promised 500 words on "Life after School".

Sunday 28 February, 2016
Sean Irwin reports that Martyn Watts died some five years ago. He served as a radio operator for many years in the Merchant Marine; I remember talking to him about this at Spike Glue's 1993 reunion. RIP

From Ian Walters re the 1989 Diamond Anniversary booklet:

I read every word.

The greater than 10% mortality rate of School combatants in World War II is a quite shattering statistic. Could not our present Class of Old Cicestrians fund research aimed at compiling a replacement Honour Roll?

Maybe have a word with the Chichester Local History Society? Maybe it could be a University of Chichester student research project?

Let us thus leave a small mark of our own; or at least try.

RDWK: Hear Hear!

Friday 26 February, 2016
I have just spoken to Jim Porter (1954-1961) who is alive and well in Littlehampton.


Chichester 1962The hyperlink below will take you to a silent film of Chichester in 1962 and will bring back many happy memories. 

Ian Walters reports that it lasts seven minutes. It may freeze at four minutes; he clicked on the slider and moved it a little and all was well. No sound. All colour:

Chichester 1962

This was posted by Ian on our Face Book Wall today. I thought it so good that I have copied the hyperlink above and my commentary.

"Ian, this is an absolute gem! How lucky we were to live as Englishmen in England. Well dressed, well mannered people, no litter, no foreign motorcars to speak of; I only spotted a Renault and a couple of Volswagens. There were no foreign restaurants and I remember the wide variety of English shops with cheerful, knowledgeable staff selling English food without spice in the baked beans. If we knew then what we know now it would have been wonderful to stop the clock and say "This is one of the best places to live in the world". Some of us were able enough to obtain a grammar school education at a one nearby that competed with the still prestigious Manchester Grammar School; a statement that seems ludicrous today. One or two of you may care to voice a contrary opinion, but you will be hard pressed to convince me. Please do try though!"


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